Los Ulmos de Ralún, who we are:

We are located 85 kilometers from Puerto Varas, just south of the town of Ensenada, on a paved road that passes through native Patagonian forests.

Los Ulmos de Ralún is near the banks of the Rio Petrohué where we launch the majority of our fishing adventures using experienced guides with specialized boats. The lodge has been operated by its owners, Ricardo and Ruth Gomez, for 20 years with the aide of their entire family. Surrounded by native Patagonian flora and fauna one can hear the charismatic song of the native Chucao and enjoy broad vistas dominated by Andean Alerces, the iconic tree of the Vincente Pérez Rosales National Park.


Los Ulmos has the capacity to serve 15 people in comfortable cabins equipped with full kitchens, wood stoves/gas supplemental heating, hot water and satellite TV service. Here you can enjoy in comfort our beautiful landscapes and the magic of Patagonia. Your stay at the lodge includes a full breakfast, prepared with ingredients from the south of Chile. We also offer full board packages and all our offerings often include organic produce raised in the Gomez gardens, both at the lodge and from their Angol/Central Valley, Chile farm.


We offer for you, your family and friends the best of Patagonian fishing excursions. We highly recommend our all-inclusive packages that include lodging, daily fishing excursions, all meals, and of course, renowned Chilean wines and beers. For these packages we have the capacity to serve up to 8 fishermen/women on a daily basis using cataraft and Mackenzie boats. Our preferred distribution is two clients per boat with an experienced guide. Our prime venue is the Rio Petrohué where one can catch Rainbow and German Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon (which run between December and April), and on occasion, Sea Run Brown Trout and Coho salmon.

Our Rio Petrohué excursions are divided into 3 segments:

Rio Alto, where you start just below El Salto falls and traverse downstream to the mouth of the Rio Hueñu Hueñu.

Rio Medio, our longest (in distance) Rio Petrohué excursion begins early in the morning at Rio Hueñu Hueñu and ends at Rio Frio.

Rio Bajo, which begins at Rio Frio, passes the renowned Rio Petrohué palisades and ends in the Reloncaví Estuary.

We also offer excursions to some other special places. Our Lago Cayutué expedition requires that gear be packed in on horseback and most often involves one or two nights spent in a pristine campsite high in the Andes. In this angler's paradise there are lagoons, bays and a river inlet that are home to 6 kilo+ Brown Trout and some healthy Rainbows as well. We also offer day excursions, accessible by car and close to the lodge, to Laguna Pata which offers some amazing dry fly fishing for Browns and Rainbows.

We invite you to join us for an amazing fishing adventure, just leave it in our hands. Contact us for our recommendations to suit your needs and seasons of the year. We will also be happy to provide you with references from our many happy clients who have visited us over the years and return on a regular basis.


We highly encourage you to make advance reservations with us so that we can better cater to your needs from our gourmet kitchen. We are often told that we have not "blown our own horn" enough when it comes to our meals. All our meals contain offerings from the lodge's organic gardens and orchards, so organic that the Gomez's have drilled a well in Angol to ensure that their organic crops are irrigated with only the purest of waters!


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Contact Us

Call us directly at: +56 979090220 – Ricardo Gómez.
Email us at: losulmos@telsur.cl

For English speaking clients, please feel free to contact our client and good friend Tom Esgate, for assistance and his recommendations:
1-530-310-0146 or email Tom at tom.esgate@gmail.com

"Hello folks, here there is a good experience from a good American angler."

Los Ulmos de Ralún Lodge

I have just returned from my 6th visit to Los Ulmos de Ralún lodge where I encountered the worst weather on a fishing trip to date. I landed in Puerto Montt on an afternoon just about two hours into a torrential down pour that would last three days. By the morning of the next day the rain had caused a landslide that closed off the highway to Lago Todos Santos, trapping about 80 tourists (no worries there's a first class hotel on the lake; I'm sure they had an ample supply of food and wine). But when you are fishing with the best guides in the region with exclusive access to places that no other lodges have, why not go fishing? The Rio Petrohué would be impossible to fish for another 3 days due to heavy silting of the water from the storm so we went to a nearby lake and stream. Remarkably, this was the beginning of my best visit yet, landing more large trout than ever.


First Catch of the Day with lodge owner Ricardo Gomez , Day 1. Notice the Rain?

I've never been so wet in my life! The gear was fine, it was just that you had to raise your arms to cast and that's when the water had an opportunity to run down your arms and get you wet. The fishing continued on day one for about another four hours and we caught a lot of nice fish, until Ricardo noticed the lake rising rapidly. We headed back to the car that now had water up to the running boards. The back country road we came in on was now a two foot deep river. We loaded the cataraft raft up quickly without even tying it down and got out just in time. Day two the rain continued but we went back for another productive day with the lake and river outflow now 4 feet higher.

We were the only ones fishing those first 2 days. Other lodges didn't have access to clear water. Toward the end of the week we ran into a group of 25 Brazilians who were about to riot with their guides. One fish for 25 people in 3 days; I put my count at 60‐70 in six days. I also learned that my 4X leaders were no match for the Rio Petrohué, four monsters got away; one jumping twice that Ricardo estimated to be 11 pounds. Next trip I'll be using 0‐1X.


Another nice day one fish


Day 2, my guide convinces me it's a great day to go fishing!


Day 2, a break in the rain on the river outlet.


Another day nice day 2 fish.


Day 3, rain backs off.


Another nice day 3 fish.


Day 3 on the river outlet.


Another nice day 3 brown on the river outlet.


Rio Petrohué Brown.


Beautiful last day on the Rio Petrohué.

March 5, 2013
I have just returned from my 8th visit to Los Ulmos de Ralún Lodge, near Puerto Varas in the Patagonia Region of Chile where I spent a week with 7 friends and it was my best trip ever. Every one of us caught the largest brown trout they had ever caught in their lives and I did it twice in a row! The week before our arrival it had rained constantly and the rivers and lakes were higher than I had ever seen them. But as I said last year, when you are fishing with the best guides in the region with exclusive access to places that no other lodges have, why not go fishing? This trip we rotated 3 pairs of fishermen through a lake side campsite, via horseback, high in the Andes near the Argentine border.


Trout of the trip goes to my friend Bill, a Northern California fly fishing guide.

Los Ulmos really did our spike camp up right. First and foremost a zodiac boat and a motor were packedin on horseback. Then came our camp and staff that included an 80 year old Chilean wrangler, Camp Cookie (aka the cook), a fire tender (yes that's all anyone saw him do and he did a great job) and a roving camp director who ushered us from the lodge to the camp in pairs over 4 days. Max, our spike camp guide, was incredible and came fully equipped with fly tying materials and vise, which turned out to be very important. Bill and his son Nathan were first up and once Bill had nailed down the best fly Max went to work and made sure we all had something similar and you'll see the results….


My biggest Brown, which was followed by...


Alby's big Brown, which was part of a double hook‐up (me playing it in the background) and...


My biggest Brown, Again! (Max pulled the boat into shore so we could better deal with the double)


Max ties a reasonable facsimile / Bill's hot fly


Our wrangler Alonzo


Puerto Caballo, I named the campsite several years ago.


One of Nathan and Bill's double hook‐ups


Alby lands another big Brown

Of course we also spent a good deal of time on the Rio Petrohué and another small lake a short drive from the lodge. The salmon run was in full swing and none of us could avoid the temptation to put the fly rod down (after several of us had our flies summarily dispatched) to give it a try. In the past we were lucky to land one or two but this year two pairs of fishermen landed five within short period. My friend Bill landed the biggest one of the group, AGAIN.


Nathan and Bill with "The Big One", estimated to be 50 lbs.

Los Ulmos de Ralún Fly Fishing Lodge is open for fishing mid‐November through April. The last few years I have been visiting in early December and mid‐February. The lodge owners, the Gomez Family, have become like family to me and I try to help them out with USA bookings. There is nothing in it for me, other than I want them to prosper so that my friends and I can continue to have the best fishing experiences on the planet. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you'd like help with booking and or making travel arrangements: Tom Esgate 530‐310‐0146 twesgate@sbcglobal.net

Please contact USA:

Thomas Esgate
- Phone: 530-310-0146 Cell
- Email: twesgate@sbcglobal.net
- Los Ulmos de Ralún Fly Fishing Lodge website: http://www.losulmos.cl/
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LosUlmosLodge